Protest on Trial: Day 11

Thursday 17 May

Constable Payne continued his testimony under cross examination.

A section of the briefing conducted by Senior Sergeant Falconer prior to the demonstration was read to Constable Payne: “But again, when they have more numbers they tend to bunch up around the entrances.” Falconer made the point that police moving with numbers and decisiveness could remedy this. Falconer continued: “importantly, don’t use pressure point tactics on or above the neck. We don’t want headlocks… Anything around the neck area or head area is extremely dangerous. And with the numbers we have tonight, we should be able to avoid that.” Continue reading


Protest on Trial: Day 10

Weds 16 May

Sergeant Nash of Victoria Police testified that he attended the beginning of the rally on July 1 last year at the State Library, and handed a letter prepared by Victoria Police to several of the protestors. Sgt Nash testified that “certain expectations” were printed on the notice, along with an indication that if these expectations were breached the police may take action. Continue reading

Protest on Trial: Day 9

Tuesday May 15

Senior Constable Steve Oakley testified that he was wearing plain clothes on the night of July 1, and took footage with a hand held device. He was given a piece of paper with names and photographs of certain people, and told to keep an eye out for these people. Other than that, he testified, he was given free reign to videotape anything which he thought may be evidence later on. Continue reading

Protest on Trial: Day 8

Monday May 14th

Inspector Mick Beattie of Victoria Police continued his testimony under cross examination.

Inspector Beattie testified that it was the decision of QV management as to if and when to make an announcement to the protestors that Inspector Beattie had prepared. The announcement stated in part: “Where you are presently located is private property… I have been authorised to act by the owners of this private property.” Continue reading

Protest on Trial: Day 6

May 10

Senior Sergeant Falconer continued his testimony under cross examination. He testified that there were three meetings between Victoria Police and management of QV and Melbourne Central shopping centres, leading up to the July 1 protest last year.

It was suggested to Senior Sergeant Falconer that the message from shopping centre management to the police was very much that the protests were unwelcome, and that they had asked the police when is it going to end. Falconer relpied that it was quite clear that protests were going to happen, but “peaceful protest where business wasn’t affected” were the only acceptable protests. Continue reading

Hundreds march on Melbourne streets despite trial and intimidation

Audio-files of the meeting ‘Protest on Trial’

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