Next Boycott Israel 19 defence meeting

Friends and supporters,
A fortnight ago Australian police viciously attacked a pro-Palestine Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) demonstration in Melbourne. 19 activists were arrested and charged with a variety of offenses including trespass, riotous behaviour and besetting (an antiquated anti-picketing law).Arrests of political activists at a demonstration have not been seen in Melbourne for many years. The attack by police was totally unprovoked, and clearly politically orchestrated. This attack is clearly part of an attempt by the state government to criminalize protest: this is a question of civil liberties and affects all those campaigning against injustice.The Zionist lobby in Australia has also been strident in its attacks on the BDS campaign and have attacked the demonstration (and defended corporation Max Brenner). Andrew Bolt, Gerard Henderson, Michael Danby and Kevin Rudd (amongst others) have written pieces in the press condemning the protesters.

All activists, supporters of civil liberties and supporters of Palestine are encouraged to come to this meeting tomorrow night to discuss the state of the defense campaign, plans for the next action and the implications of the arrest

Tuesday 19th July, 6:30pm, Trades Hall (cnr Lygon and Victoria St)

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Phone: 0410 513 302


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